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Flaxseed Oil Powder

Flaxseed Oil Powder

Description: Flaxseed Oil Powder is a free flowing, cold water dispersible powder. It is obtainedwith microencapsulation technology.


Off-white or slight

free-flowing powder.
α-Linolenic Acid as TG (mg/g)225 Min.ISO 15304
Peroxide Value (meq/kg)10.0 Max.AOCS Cd 8-53
Loss on Drying (%)3.0 Max.USP 731
Bulk Density (g/mL)0.40-0.60USP 616
Particle Size95% through 40 meshUSP 786
Lead (ppm)1.0 Max.EN ISO 17294
Arsenic (ppm)1.0 Max.EN ISO 17294
Cadmium (ppm)1.0 Max.EN ISO 17294
Mercury (ppm)0.1 Max.BS EN 13806
Total Plate Count (CFU/g)3,000 Max.ISO 4833
Yeasts and Molds (CFU/g)300 Max.ISO 7954
Coliform (CFU/g)10 Max.ISO 4832
E. ColiNegativeISO 16649
SalmonellaNegative/25gISO 6579
Staphyloccous aureusNegative/gISO 6888

Packaging: Packaged in 10kg net seal-heated aluminum foil bags under nitrogen, two bags packed in corrugated paper carton.

Storage and Handling: Stored in a cool dry place, protected from light, heat and oxygen. The preferred storage temperature is below 30°C.

Shelf Life: Two years in the original package. It is recommended to use the entire content after opening.

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