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Bioxin, known in China as, Xinqidian Biotechnology, was established in 2007 as a manufacturer, seller and exporter of natural, organic seed oils, vegetarian protein powder, and concentrated ALA. Bioxin manages the entire process, from the quality production from the certified organic crops to the final packaging of the oil and has earned quality certifications from ECO, USDA, ISO9001, and ISO22000. All oils are certified Halal and Kosher as well.

Bioxin takes special care in the production of oil by using a true cold press process. Most modern screw type cold press systems can generate heat from pressure that may reach 190° F. Bioxin uses hydraulic plate presses to keep temperatures low. The result is a very nutrient rich oil, with no heat damage to fragile nutrients. The remaining seed cake is nutrient rich and is used for special seed protein powders. Bioxin protein powders include pumpkin, hemp and flax.

Bioxin also offers ALA concentrate up to 85%. Our scientists and technicians are ready to work on specialty custom projects for private labels. Contact us to see how we can help.

Company: Hebei Xinqidian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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Production Base: Eco-agricultural Technology District, Yu Country, Hebei Province, P.R.C
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