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Basil oil how to eat the best? Should eat like this

There are many authoritative and scientific experiments that show that perilla oil is a natural vegetable oil with a variety of health care functions. For example, it is called "smart oil," which is called brain-health puzzle. It can clean blood vessels and reduce fat. Also has the conditioning "three high" to prevent diabetes, atopic dermatitis and eczema to ease, anti-cancer and other effects.
Perilla oil is more "delicate" because it contains alpha-linolenic acid is not high temperature, easily oxidized at room temperature, so it's smoke point is very low, high-temperature cooking will produce a lot of harmful substances, but also lose Its health benefits. Therefore, perilla seed oil suitable for cold, soup, etc., or eat with yogurt.
Perilla seed oil at low temperature virgin and hot-pressed two.
Low-temperature crude oil without high temperature treatment and over-processing, contains many beneficial to human nutrition, including a-linolenic acid and vitamin E, the color is generally yellowish, there is a touch of fragrance. Hot pressed linseed oil after high temperature heat treatment, the color is generally brown, with rich roasted flavor, the heating process will lose a lot of nutrients. Therefore, the proposed purchase of perilla seed oil, the low-temperature virgin seed oil as the first glaze Relatively speaking, low-temperature pressed perilla seed oil is more nutrition and health benefits, it is safer to eat.
Because Perilla seed oil is not resistant to high temperatures, easily oxidized, it is recommended that Perilla seed oil is stored in the refrigerator at low temperature is better, tighten the cap after eating, after the cover of Perilla seed oil, try to use up a short time, time Should not be too long.

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