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Perilla oil for pregnant women and other uses of the baby

Perilla oil is a very good edible food, with liver, anti-thrombosis, hypolipidemic, lower blood pressure, protect eyesight, improve intelligence, and allergic reactions and inflammation inhibitory effect. Many friends may be clear that perilla oil can be used directly for food or cooking, but you also know the other magical effect of perilla oil?
1, pregnant women in the late pregnancy skin stretch, prone to itching and chapped, wipe with suzu oil, prevention and mitigation. Often applied to the abdomen, will prevent the generation of stretch marks.
2, a week before pregnancy, pregnant women can be commonly used suozuo smear nipple, so that the nipple on the old skin and dirt soaked, but also contribute to the smooth flow of colostrum.
3, the baby was born, the skin is extremely delicate, can be coated with a layer of sunflower oil every day to protect the skin, oil is very soft Soviet Union, will not irritate the skin. Coupled with gentle massage will soothe the emotions of small life, make it easier for children to sleep, and reduce the crying. Baby delicate skin, underarm, buttocks coated with sunflower oil, can prevent the baby's skin was sweat or urine soaked.
4, the nipple is very easy to rupture during lactation, and the wound is fed every day, it is difficult to heal; Su-soo oil can not only prevent rupture, powerful anti-inflammatory repair function can accelerate wound healing, the baby sucks in the mouth, nor There will be any problem, a large number of Su-oil fat-soluble vitamins in infants and young children's brain development has an important role.

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