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Scientific usage of linseed oil?

Nowadays, along with the improvement of people's living quality, the rich nutrition contained in flaxseed oil has drawn more and more consumers' attention. As a result, the output of flaxseed oil in our country has been far from meeting the needs of the market. So in such a much-needed situation, how should we eat such flaxseed oil science?
Flaxseed oil mixed with yogurt after drinking is a method of consumption, because the flaxseed oil can dissolve with yogurt, so the flavor is no different from the original yogurt, so from the taste, most people can accept. Secondly, the mixture of flaxseed oil and yogurt can generate a substance that is very beneficial to the human body and is very effective in improving the blood oxygen content and enhancing the human immunity. Therefore, not only is the effect of unsaturated fatty acids provided to cells by Omega-3, but also new substances are produced that act on the body's own blood and immune system and are capable of receiving multiple health benefits.

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