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What is the side effect of perilla oil?

The patient's knowledge of perilla oil is not deep, only know perilla oil can help anti-aging and anti-cancer, but do not know the side effects.
Temporarily unclear what is the side effect of perilla oil, it is recommended that patients consult a doctor, according to the doctor's introduction to understand.
Side effects of the drug at the therapeutic dose appears to have nothing to do with the purpose of treatment, the patient may cause discomfort or pain, are generally relatively mild, tolerable, mostly functional changes can be restored. Side effects of the reasons for the poor selectivity of the role of drugs, a variety of drugs have a role. When one of its effects is used for therapeutic purposes, others are side effects.
The side effects of some drugs is difficult to avoid, need to clear the doctor's instructions in advance. The doctor can also try to correct or eliminate the side effects when taking medication. It must be noted that the emergence of drug side effects is not aggravating the original disease, nor is the performance of the drug markedly.
Perilla seed oil is a kind of edible oil after the perilla has been refined. It contains many beneficial substances for the human body. There are many benefits to human health, especially the linolenic acid contained in the body Essential fatty acids, and which does not contain cholesterol, have good health effects.
Perilla oil can control the body's platelet aggregation, reduce the blood of neutral lipids, remove cholesterol, prevent thrombosis. The scientific experiments show that, for the currently known vegetable oils a-linolenic acid content of the highest vegetable oil, enjoy the "deep-sea fish oil on the land" reputation.

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